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How to Fall Behind in Your Job

by Viken Mikaelian

If you want to simply drift in your career, keep to a 40-hour workweek.

So many ask me, “Viken, you are so successful but you only work 20 hours a week.  You have the freedom to do whatever you want.” This makes my hair stand on end!

I may have the freedom to do whatever I want (well, almost) but I do work much more than 20 hours, and usually more than 40. I do not keep track exactly, but I’d estimate most of my weeks at 74 hours and 32 minutes. And I consider this a reduced schedule, perhaps even only part-time. Some of that is multi-tasking – I go through my e-mail and other correspondence while watching the Phillies or the Eagles (opposing fans please stop), or perhaps Animal Planet (yes, I am an animal lover), with my wife, Olga.  I also make a lot of business trips that sometimes I convert into mini vacations.  But it’s mostly work.  And I love it.

Maybe I just do not know the right folks, but every successful business person, nonprofit CEO, fundraiser, planned giving professional, musician, and actor that I see puts in long hours.  Very long hours and very smart hours. And they work their butts off. (Except for Kim Kardashian, who’s obviously a special case.)

So if you want to succeed at what you do, do not think of yourself as a 9-to-5 employee.  Now and then start at 6:30 AM and end at 7:15 PM.  Not always, but when needed, in order to grow.  And it does not always have to be at the office.

9-5 keeps you even… the other puts you ahead. In the top 5%.

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