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Are You Irresistible?

Making the Money Come to You

You already know “sales” and “marketing” are different things. Sales, or stewardship, is direct contact, and the point is to make a sale. Marketing is more about building awareness of your brand, your mission and your vision.

Though it creates bonds in less personal ways than sales, marketing enables you to cast a wider net and create a sales funnel that directs revenue your way.

Marketing requires a consistent, systematic approach to your audience through:

  • Direct mail,
  • Display ads in your publications,
  • Strategically-placed links in your organization’s email blasts, and
  • Compelling links on your main website that “push” your prospects where you want them to go.

The more you reach qualified prospects on an ongoing, consistent basis, the more money you are going to raise.

Marketing creates the environment where money is attracted, not pursued.

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