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Advisor Planned Giving Websites

More and more advisors are influencing their clients on charitable giving.

The above is a fact. But brace yourself. Most financial advisors and even attorneys do not understand how planned gifts work. To put it another way, the people counseling your prospects on how to manage their assets do not understand planned giving. [Our research][US Trust on advisors and planned giving]

It’s not a criticism, just a fact. Why? Charitable planning is a small component of the training a commercial advisor receives. So unless financial advisors take the initiative to seek further education, charitable planned gifts are simply not in their tool bucket.

Well, it’s time to put it in their tool bucket.

Our Answer

  • Planned giving websites written in our signature, easy-to-get language.
  • Legal expertise but advisor-centric. They’ll feel at home here.
  • 100% branded to your institution.
  • Hosted under PlannedGiving.org. The domain we own, advisors know of, and trust.
  • Easy to navigate, with the most critical information at a glance.
  • All gift plans described, with emphasis on The Big Four.
  • Why planned giving is good for their business.
  • In-depth FAQs financial advisors and their clients ask.
  • Video: “What is Planned Giving?”
  • Planned giving calculators and personal planning calculators.
  • Customizable pages included, with your name throughout (vs. using the name “nonprofit”).
  • Seamlessly integrates into your existing planned giving website.
  • Constantly updated; always current.

Building relationships with advisors strengthens your relationships with donors.

In short, everything financial advisors need to help their clients include charitable gifts as part of their estate planning goals.

Begin with teaching advisors the Importance of Planned Giving.

Only $1,995 per year. Tons of advisor-centric content. No setup fee.

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Planned Giving Pocket Guide Includes Gift Comparison Chart (spec sheet)