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Can Your Prospects Find You?

Let’s say one of your constituents wants to know more about planned giving. Where do they start?

The first place they turn is to the Internet. That’s why you have your website: you want interested constituents to find out about planned giving from you – and make a gift to your organization.

So how do prospects find your website?

A lot of them will go to Google and do a search for “planned giving.” But Google will give them thousands of results. You want your organization’s website to be first on the list of results – in fact, you want your website featured in the first ten or twenty results that Google returns.

How can you make sure this happens? High-quality websites from VirtualGiving.Com do it for you automatically. They have been designed to “catch Google’s attention” in such a way that your nonprofit turns up first and most often when a constituent makes an Internet search for those terms most closely associated with your organization and its mission.

The fancy name for this is “search engine optimization,” aka SEO.

Some of the ways our websites accomplish SEO are pretty technical (like the name) – and some are just common sense. The important thing is: Our sites do it best, and that means better results for you and your nonprofit.

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