Self Improvement

Planned Giving Success
You Can’t Do It Alone
By: Viken Mikaelian

Study shows what successful people have in common: they spent a lot of time with someone who had been successful. In other words, they learned how to be successful. They had friends, mentors, influencers and coaches.

fearless asking woman breaking free
Fearless Asking
By: Rebecca Janney

What kind of “asker” are you? Confident, well-dressed, professional? Or more of a beggar? Someone apologetic, mincing their way through the ask? One type is going to succeed often, and the other will almost always fail. Can you guess which is which? You’ll find the answer — and other great advice on making the ask — on our blog in a guest post from author, public speaker and planned giving specialist Dr. Rebecca Price Janney.

Society Grows Great
Philanthropy Landscape
By: Viken Mikaelian

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