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Don’t Simplify. Oversimplify.

The average American is bombarded with over marketing 3,500 messages a day.

You are in the business of sales and marketing, so it’s your job to cut through the noise.

Here’s my advice: To be heard, differentiate. To differentiate, make your idea simple and visible. Then, deliver that idea over and over and over again. Use a variety of formats.

Simplicity is powerful. The success of the marketing postcard proves it. It condenses your message, it captures your audience, and it costs less. Simple form + simple words = simply successful.

Trust me. Non-profits who simplify their message, make it visible, and repeatedly deliver it rise straight to the top.

And please-oh-please: Do not have an attorney or academic write your copy. Do yourself a favor and let the marketing experts have the final say. You’ll thank me.

Don’t simplify. Over-simplify.

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