We identify your best prospects – so you close more gifts.


Trust PG I.D. prospect identification services to find those on your list most likely to make a planned gift.

PG I.D. doesn’t just leave you with a list of names.

When you upload your prospect database to PG I.D.:

  • We carefully assess the information and pull out your most loyal prospects (loyalty is the best predictor of giving)
  • Then we employ wealth-based criteria to further refine these results into two groups:
    1. Donors with Modest Means
    2. Donors with Capacity

Any number of companies claim to do the same thing…

  • But they don’t give the proper weight to the key prospect loyalty predictor.
  • But their results do not enable you to prioritize those prospects.
  • But they can not suggest effective marketing strategies.

We provide the information you need to know and suggest effective strategies for approaching your best planned giving prospects.

That’s why PG I.D. prospect identification services are superior:

    • We enable you to get results.
    • So you can maximize your ROI.

Don’t waste time with ineffective approaches. Get it right first time.