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How to Market Planned Gifts

How To Market Planned Gifts

This is the short version. For more comprehensive advice with plenty of tips and visuals, read 10 Strategies to Market Planned Gifts.

Marketing planned gifts is not rocket science. Use a combination of print and online materials that increase awareness about your planned giving program and your mission.

  1. Add planned giving to your existing materials. Mention it in an email signature, create planned giving ads to go in your print materials, talk about your planned giving program in newsletters.
  2. Create a planned giving website.
  3. Initiate a print/direct mail campaign that utilizes postcards, brochures, and letters to deliver your message.
  4. Create a powerful e-marketing campaign.

If you are new to planned giving, get a copy of our Pocket Guide (over 4,000 sold). Planned giving is good for your organization, and it’s good for your career.

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