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SECURE Act / Webinar

Secure Act -planned giving - all you need to know

This even has occurred in the past. Get the recording for the Secure Gifts With the SECURE Act webinar here.

WEBINAR: Jeff Comfort with Viken Mikaelian | FAQ Page

The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act is a brand-new effort to boost Americans’ retirement savings.

The laws present a number of opportunities — and challenges — for individuals and their families. They also give us a unique opportunity to show how planned giving can be an important tool to meet individuals’ philanthropic goals while also benefiting their loved ones through estate planning.

Your donors will be asking about SECURE, so you’d better know the facts and be ready with the answers — all of the answers. You need to position yourself as an expert resource.

Huge Opportunities for Planned Giving

This seminar will be a definitive resource for fundraisers. Jeff and Viken will cover key SECURE Act facts and explain how to make the most of the opportunities it presents. Take advantage of this unique event to arm yourself with all the information you’ll need.

The webinar will include plenty of content and action-items.


We’ll cover:

↦ The planned giving opportunities and obstacles of the new laws.

↦ How your donors and prospects think.

↦ What advisors are telling your donors.

↦ What cues to give to donors.

↦ Are the new laws “taxing” your donors?

↦ How do the new laws affect the “rich?”

↦ How do the new laws affect the “average” donor?

↦ And more …



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