Planned Giving Micro Site

Planned Giving Micro Site

$495.00 for 1 year and a $100.00 sign-up fee

Finally. A Planned Giving Website For the Smaller Shop.

A product designed to get you “in the game.”

  • Turnkey (we do all the work)
  • Affordable
  • Donor Centric
  • Your board will love it

The most successful organizations know planned giving is a critical component in their fundraising engine. They realize a planned giving program is the hallmark of an organization that’s serious about its mission — and that savvy donors expect to see planned giving options. And they understand that planned giving is, dollar-for-dollar, the simplest, most cost-effective tool in their fundraising kit.

Here’s your chance to be part of it.

Note: after you submit payment, we’ll email you a 5 minute questionnaire asking for:

  • Whether you do gift annuities
  • One or two photos
  • Your email address
  • Contact names of up to 4 individuals


The fee for this product is yearly on an auto-renewal basis. Your credit card will be kept on file and you will receive a 30-day reminder that it will auto-renew. During that period, you may cancel at anytime. You can reinstate your website at a future date for a nominal fee of $100, however your yearly subscription rate cannot be guaranteed to be the same.  

Our fees include updates and hosting.

RERMEBER: The content of these pages are “infused” from a platform on central database which keeps costs down and make this an affordable solution. Editorial changes are not possible but may be considered by our team (two attorneys and a copywriter) if we find them an enhancement, and if they appeal to a large audience.