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Troubled Childhood to Exec

Bruce Shannon with Little Brother

A Tale of Three Generations

Here’s a good example of what nonprofits do.

Some 35 years ago, Bruce (the guy in this video) told me about his troubled childhood. I didn’t “get it” until I watched this video.

Back then he was 23 and one of the first people I hired. When he applied for the job, I said “Bruce, work hard and make sure to show up at 9 AM every morning. Okay?”

I guess he took that literally. He’d show up at 7 AM and leave at 6. He was an employee, and now after 35 years he’s a good friend. I just had lunch with him in King of Prussia, PA.

We’ll be featuring an interview with Bruce soon in Giving Tomorrow™. He has been in customer service and sales all his life and has a lot to share. And we all know philanthropy is akin to customer service and sales!

Stay tuned, you won’t want to miss it.

You have to watch this video. Keep some tissues handy.

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