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UP the Down Economy! Chapter Three – Anti-Chaos Self-Assessment

Refuse to be part of the slowdown. You’ve got the ambition, motivation, energy, and ingenuity. We’ve got some ideas to share. But start now – because he (or she) who hesitates is lost!

Are you getting the most out of your workday?

Our high-tech office environment can be exciting for all the wrong reasons. Many fundraisers get so caught up in everyday chaos that they sacrifice the important (a three million dollar bequest closed within the next year) to the urgent (getting that #%&@! laser printer to work).

So here’s a quick self-assessment test that you can take to 1) find out how much you may be cluttering your day with inessentials, and 2) learn how to think critically about how you use your time:

  1. Do I answer every call that comes in on my cell, or do I choose which to answer now and which to handle later?
  2. Do I check my email obsessively? Could I work better checking every 3 hours instead of every three minutes?
  3. Do I waste my time reading long funny e-mails or other e-blather when the delete key is right there to eliminate them?
  4. Do I allow Facebook, Twitter or other social media and chatboards to control my time, rather than my controlling them?
  5. Do I let the “coffeeshop culture” turn my workaday cup of java into a stealthy time vampire?

So now you have a personal list of inefficient work habits to moderate or eliminate so you can get more out of your day. Don’t let the chaos grab you!

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