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Why are planned giving newsletters getting less response?

Marketing noise: every day the average prospect is inundated with over 2500 marketing messages. In a large city, it’s over 3700. A battle is being fought for the eyes and ears of the world, and in most cases the enemy is an overstuffed mailbox.

Not only is your mail competing with the Legacy Newsletter of the hospital next door, but your prospects’ mailboxes are full of so much junk that it levels the playing field. Come on. Do you really believe your prospects are dying to come home at night to read your newsletter describing how to part with their wealth and estates after their death? No wonder some claim that they believe their newsletters are getting a 1% readership rate (not response rate; readership). And since we bank cash and not readership rates, this is not good news.

Your prospects will actually pay more attention to an advertising medium that delivers a quick, simple, focused message. One that is cleverly designed, cleverly delivered, and most especially one that is benefits-based. Especially if it’s a quick-read.

Remember: Americans read their mail standing over a wastebasket.

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