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Viken Mikaelian, CEO, PlannedGiving.Com

Planned Giving is Not About Money.

Planned giving is about credibility and legitimacy. If you’re not taking it seriously, your organization, and you, will not be taken seriously.

A planned giving website for your prospects and even a planned giving website for financial advisors is not an add-on to your marketing plan. It’s the hub. A must. And it gives them 24/7 access to your information.

From a no-nonsense simple online presence to robust planned giving marketing solutions for savvy donors.


Landing pages with digital outreach (e-broadcasts) is the way to get attention and convert casual browsers to active visitors.


Financial, Estate and Charitable Planning. These All Go Hand-in-Hand.

But brace yourself. Most financial advisors do not understand how planned gifts work. That is, the people counseling your prospects on how to manage their assets do not understand planned giving.

This is not a criticism. Just a fact. Become a resource to them.


Share this with your board. It’s a compelling case. And here’s a philosophical argument that makes the case better. Both by Viken Mikaelian.

All the smarts you need “in a box”: Developed by two former Ivy Leaguers, UVA Law Professor of Philanthropy, and a fundraiser (and attorney) who has raised millions.

  • Module 1: Website, Marketing, Outreach
  • Module 2: Back Office Operations (all the forms you need to formalize your program)
  • Module 3: Building Donor Relations (tools and forms)

Purchase the entire Box as a whole, or each module separately. More.