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The Planned Giving Bible

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Assess Your Planned Giving Readiness
Assess Your Board
Tak-Tik of the Week
21 Steps to a Successful Planned Giving Program
10 Simple Tips and Strategies to Market Planned Gifts
How Giving Vehicles Work (includes videos and donor profiles for each giving vehicle)
Compare Giving Vehicles (online interactive version)
Compare Giving Vehicles (print version)
For the Very Small Nonprofit: A Planned Giving Microsite

The Planned Giving Bible
The definitive guide to planned giving! Covers all relevant information you’ll ever need as a professional gift planner.

Ultimate Quick Reference Planned Giving Pocket Guide

The Planned Giving Pocket Guide
A concise, desktop reference guide. Covers over 18 gift plans.

Gift Comparison Charts
Side-by-side comparison showcasing features and benefits of each gift plan. Completely branded to your organization.

Webinars and Primers
Invest in your future! Exceptional presenters, timely topics.

Internal Case to Market IRAs
Free resources to build support from your boss and your board.

Free Downloads
Conversation Starters, Donor Interview Form, Donor Characteristics Table, Sample Codicil, Year-End Solicitation Letter, and more.

Weekly Tip (Subscribe)
Insiders insights! Each a 52-second read.

Idea Center
Sample marketing ideas with visuals.

Learn (for Newbies)
Gift Plan Videos, 21 Steps to Launch a Program, 10 Marketing Tips, and more.

Frequent Questions
How does the IRA Rollover (QCD) work? Should I accept real estate? How often to mail? What motivates a donor to give? What makes her stop giving?

How to Launch a Planned Giving Program
21 Simple steps to success.

For the Small to Medium-Sized Shop

All the smarts you need “in a box”: Developed by two former Ivy Leaguers, University of Virginia Law Professor of Philanthropy, and a fundraiser who has raised millions.

  • Module 1: Website, Marketing, Outreach
  • Module 2: Back Office Operations
  • Module 3: Building Donor Relations

Did you know that annual gifts and major gifts go up when you have a solid planned giving program in place? The Box is a great place to begin. Want grantors, grantees, sub-grantees and your board to take you more seriously? Just follow the step-by-step instructions in The Box. The instructions are so simply laid out that it carries no learning curve. It has all the content and verbiage you need from gift agreements, gift acceptance policies, evaluating your mission, approaching the best prospects, making the ask, and a lot more.

The Box is also helpful to consultants who want to focus on growing their practice instead of writing copy.

Purchase the entire Box or each module separately. More.

Planned Giving Websites

A planned giving website for your prospects and one for financial advisors lays the foundation for a successful marketing plan. It provides 24/7 access to your information to fulfill philanthropic aspirations.

We deliver enterprise planned giving marketing solutions for savvy donors down to simple planned giving websites for the smaller nonprofit.


Landing pages with digital outreach (e-broadcasts) gets attention, builds trust and converts casual browsers to active visitors.

We have marketing and legally vetted language to explain such topics as charitable giving tax benefits, donor advised funds, or how federal income tax deductions of giving appreciated stock at year end work.

Print/Direct Mail

Fact: print marketing is far more powerful than e-marketing. So if you are planning on using e-marketing alone, don’t; balance it with print. Access a comprehensive series of gift planning tools and marketing materials a-la-carte or consider our Enterprise Solutions (a marketing bundle) with a 12- to 36- month comprehensive marketing plan.

Complete Services Sheet [PDF]

An exclusive, end-to-end marketing strategy for institutional accounts.

Our Enterprise Solutions are the first choice among national organizations, community foundations and large nonprofit centers with chapters or member organizations.

Specially designed, comprehensive solutions available for 12, 24 and 36 months.

Enterprise Solutions

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