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Have You Surveyed Your Donors Lately?

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Modern Planned Giving

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The Importance of Planned Giving

No planned giving strategy? You’re losing out on a boatload of funding. Appeal to a broader audience today.

A planned giving website for your prospects and even a planned giving website for financial advisors is not an add-on to your marketing plan. It’s the hub. A must. And it gives them 24/7 access to your information.

From a no-nonsense simple online presence to robust solutions for savvy donors.


Landing pages with digital outreach (e-broadcasts) is the way to get attention and convert casual browsers to active visitors.


But brace yourself. Most financial advisors do not understand how planned gifts work. To put it another way, the people counseling your prospects on how to manage their assets do not understand planned giving.

This is not a criticism. Just a fact. You can be a resource to them.


Practical. Informative. Useful.

Over $250,000 worth of content in MS Word, templates and toolkits at your disposal.

Gift Acceptance Policy? Description of Lead Trusts? Need a template on a ways-of-giving brochure? It’s all here for you to download.

The Bridge Built With a Kite

It’s true — a kid with a kite! There’s a lesson that fundraisers can learn from the history of Niagara Falls — specifically, about a suspension bridge that, from 1855 to 1897, connected the United States to Canada over the roaring waters.

February 13, 2018 Read more

Wouldn’t it be great if every donor simply gave cash or publicly traded stock? And, did not ask for a pledge period of greater than five years?

While most donors do fit this description, there are others who present challenges in terms of the proposed structure of their gifts.

February 6, 2018 Read more