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All of our materials are copyrighted. Licensing is issued for use by a single organization (unless stipulated otherwise). In addition, each product has its own licensing period.

Unfortunately, some people abuse our trust, making this page — and this list of rules — necessary.

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We Make a Living on Our Content

Copy/content, graphics, interactive tools, tax information — all of our materials carry an expense in their production, and are made available to clients who pay royalties.  Royalty rights are considered to be assets (a form of a planned gift, in fact). Therefore, in addition to violating copyright laws,  copying our materials is also considered theft.

Whether you are a nonprofit or another vendor, know that we’ve started taking extreme measures to prevent this from happening. Please do not copy our content — you don’t want the legal hassle, and neither do we. The savings you realize by stealing will be more than negated by the fines and legal fees you incur.

Our Enforcement Protocol

We use robots to search our content to reveal unauthorized usage and then take appropriate action.

We take our content seriously.

Examples of Assets

Below are two samples of our assets and what it costs to create them from scratch. Do not let these numbers be your liability figures.

Planned Giving Websites


Taking your hours into account, an average planned giving website will cost you around $120,000. Here are complete details. In summary:

  • You’ll need a professional graphic designer/illustrator for all gift diagrams
  • Writing, editing, reviewing pages and pages of content. Then having staff members do it. This includes:
    • Gift descriptions (about 15)
    • Benefits charts
    • FAQs
    • Donor profiles for each gift
  • Countless of hours of IT work developing interactive tools
  • Programmers and actuarial specialists to create the calculators
  • Logistics, SEO and more

Planned Giving in a Box


Brian Sagrestano, Esq., Viken Mikaelian, Camilyn Leone, Esq., Jim Pierson and various support staff (designers; branding experts) have spent over 2000 hours on this resourceful product. There’s a value for their time, as well as a value for their expertise.

Here’s an informative article if you plan to develop these tools in-house.

2020 Planned Giving Pocket Guide (includes a mini Gift Comparison Chart)
This is not another ways-of-giving brochure — it's a "why's of giving" that helps you better understand the upside and downside of different giving options for both you and your prospects. 
Over 4,000 satisfied fundraisers have purchased this booklet.