You Need a Planned Giving Program


10 Reasons Why

Sick and tired of hearing “you need planned giving”?

That’s a danger sign; resistance to common sense puts you and your nonprofit on the fast track to extinction.

Because only 5% of this nation’s wealth is in hard-to-get cash, and 95% is in easy to-get assets, the time for planned giving is now.

“But we need the cash right away!” Does this sound familiar? Many fundraisers were saying the same thing 10 years ago. And even then it didn’t apply … because not all planned gifts are deferred, and a solid planned giving program brings in more annual gifts, too.

Click the link to see a few planned giving myths to consider — and learn why ignoring them puts you at risk of becoming the next Titanic. Then read these 10 reasons you need to pursue planned gifts (and why you need to stop deferring the deferred):


If you’re not asking your prospects for planned gifts, someone else is.


Eventually that “someone else” will steal your cash gifts, too. Why? Because planned gifts are gifts from the heart.


Cash-starved times are the best times for planned giving.


Those who even dabble in planned giving eventually earn 50% to 100% more than those who don’t.


A typical planned gift is 200 to 300 times the size of a donor’s largest annual gift.


Planned gifts do not affect your prospects’ cash flow. They’re easy to give (and to receive).


Prospects are eager to make a planned gift, but simply don’t know how.


Prospects making gifts through their wills typically increase their annual support. Why? Because they’ve made you part of their family.


Anyone can make a planned gift; it’s easy and it works.

Are you ready for planned giving? Quiz yourself here.

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