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About Us

What we do

PlannedGiving.Com helps busy fundraisers like you to market planned gifts, whether they have a formal planned giving program or not.

Planned Giving Websites

Donor-centric planned giving websites with interactive tools your donors need.

Direct mail/Lead Generation

Direct mail and lead generation for inbound marketing and outreach.


Planned giving brochures you need on a daily basis.

Display ads

Custom designed display ads for your publications.

Gift Annuity campaigns

E-marketing, landing pages and direct mail for Gift Annuity campaigns.

Beneficiary Designation Toolkit

This Toolkit includes a website, marketing outreach, and more.

Articles, Content, Toolkits

Download articles, content and toolkits (similar to Legal Zoom).

Your Roadmap to Success

Finally, staying competitive means learning never stops. First, visit the basic principles on how to market planned gifts. Then visit our Marketing Q&A, our White Papers page, our subject-specific Answers pages, or our irreverent Blog. And don’t miss the handy tool that thousands of fundraisers already have working for them… pick up the latest edition of our Ultimate Quick Reference Planned Giving Pocket Guide.

Want to have a little fun? Take your planned giving I.Q. test here, and also see if you are “ready for planned giving” with our gift planning readiness calculator.

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