Are We Meant to Be?

Planned Giving is a People Business

A partnership in gift planning is like a relationship — it takes both sides to make it work. That is, if we are not in sync with each other, our relationship will not succeed.

Please read below to see if we are a match. Good relationships are built on good communication, and that’s the business we’re in.

Who We Are

We’re a research-based planned giving marketing and communications firm. Our mission is to get your message through to your donors, so you can raise more and larger gifts. We follow the 7 pillars that lead you to success.

In short, we focus on strategic front-end activity that leverage rational and emotional triggers that bring in gifts.

Who We’re Not

We are not a calculatorsoftware, or tax advisory firm. These firms provide back-office tactical tools to structure gifts.

In short, they sell you the phone; we make it ring.

Just like you, we’re in the people business.  Not the legal business.

We’re large enough to serve you… small enough to know you.

Gary Bukowsky Planned Giving Sarah Reed Children's Center (formerly at Gertrude Barber Institute)

I just wanted to say I love the new layout you guys have. Very clean and easy to navigate.

Gary Bukowski
Sarah Reed Children's Center
Jessica Chapman Als Planned Giving

I am so grateful for our relationship. You are an industry leader and am thankful that our mission benefits from your knowledge and expertise.

Jessica Chapman
Director of Planned Giving, ALS National
Ted Reese Planned Giving Harrisburg Symphony

They get results. Cutting edge ideas and donor centric messaging with a dash of humor

Ted Reese
Director of Development, Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra
Sleezer Matthew

I am grateful to have such an experienced group on my side. We can accomplish our work in large part to what they can offer us.

Matt Sleezer
Planned Giving, Rochester Regional Health Foundations