Annual Giving vs. Planned Giving

A picture of a roadsign to illustrate the differences between planned giving vs. annual giving

Annual Giving Officers Can Get Bequests With Almost No Additional Effort.

Let’s take a look at annual giving vs. planned giving (now thinking versus future thinking)

“But we need the cash now!” “Within 5 years I’ll change deferred gifts to current.”
Thinks a CRUT is a contagious disease. Educates himself on gift vehicles.
The new economy: “It’s Doomsday.” The new economy: “Any new opportunities?”
Takes credit for a bequest planted 10 years ago. Keeps on planning and planting.
Thinks short term. Thinks long term.
Complains about her salary. Earns more than her counterparts.
Thrives on chaos. Thrives on strategic planning.
Impatiently waits for the lottery gift. Patiently expects realistic gifts.
Always chasing the new shiny star. Always on top of her relationships.
Is in their teens in perpetuity. Grew up a long time ago.
Sticks to donors with same political views. Works with everyone.
Has a blind spot with wealth. Loves the wealthy. We’re all human.
Thinks only “PHD’s” are worthy. Degrees do not make a human being.
Is in an event planning “party” mode. Is in a stewardship mode.
Keeps on deferring through procrastination. Knows that planned gifts are not that deferred.
On the phone in meetings. On the phone with donors.
Is institutional. Is entrepreneurial.
Takes seminars on how to deal with gays, trans… Understands they are all, simply, just human.
Rarely leaves office. Except at lunch & 5. Visits donors in person.
Does not know who we are! Knows PlannedGiving.Com very well.

If you want to get started with planned giving, understand the basic gift planning vehicles first.

Utilize this interactive assessment tool to see how ready you are for planned giving.

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You need a blend of both, but if you really want to grow you NPO start developing a planned giving program today..the road to Rome begins with the first step.I have used the annual fund as a launching pad to establishing Planned Gifts,yes you need to develop relationships and that is where the magic occurs.Start slow, but make the effort and you can really make a difference in helping you NPO achieve their dreams…

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