Back Office Solutions

Planned Giving Back Office 425x550

Operations and Stewardship

Everything you need to systematically formalize your program and build donor relationships.

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  • Over 30 MS Word Documents and templates
  • Gift Plan “Sell Sheets” with Diagrams
  • Planned Giving Calculators
  • Advisor Calculators

  • The Planned Giving Bible™ (single copy)
  • Ultimate Quick Reference Planned Giving Pocket Guide (three copies)
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Contains tools for everything your organization needs to formalize and strengthen its planned giving program.
Loaded with tips and tricks; step-by-step instructions; professional advice; customizable forms; marketing materials; artwork templates, thank you letters and much more.
Provides clarity and purpose to strengthen relationships and outcomes.
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Operations Component

The Back Office Operations component features simple, manageable, step-by-step tools and know-how to create an effective and “formal” back office to support your planned giving program.

We’ll show you how to determine if your mission is appropriate for long-term success; illustrate how endowments advance your mission; engage your board and senior leadership to ensure their investment in your planned giving program; develop planned giving best practices; and much more.


Back Office Operations is perfect for the shop that wants to start a new planned giving program, or for updating an existing planned giving program to raise planned gifts more efficiently and more effectively.


Everything you need to start and maintain planned giving operations, including instructions and tips to:

  • Evaluate Your Mission
  • Readiness Questionnaire
  • Planned Giving Committee Memorandum
  • Planned Giving Activity Tracker
  • Sample Internal Case
  • Internal Case Template
  • Planned Giving Leadership Questionnaire
  • Get Your Board on Board
  • Create Your Program’s Infrastructure
  • Count and Value Gifts
  • Gift Counting and Recognition Policy Summary
  • Create Gift Acceptance Policies (Template Included)
  • Binding Gift Agreement Template
  • Non Binding Statement of Intent Template
  • Binding Estate Gift Agreement Template
  • Estate Administration Procedures Template
  • Estate Administration Template Documents
  • Typical Gift Annuity Illustration (plug in your numbers)
  • Current Model Standards of Practice
  • Planned Giving Operating Plan Template
  • Planned Giving Operational Timeline Template
  • Planned Giving Activity Tracking Evaluation Report

Stewardship Component

The Stewardship component includes everything you need to systematically build donor relationships, including tools, tips and templates.

  • Create A Planned Giving Prospect List
  • Understand Basic Planned Giving Tools
  • Identify Events That Prompt Opportunities
  • Single Out Key Planned Giving Prospects
  • Understand Generational Cohorts
  • Develop A Prospect Profile
  • Approach The Qualified Prospect
  • Start The Conversation
  • Steward Your Donors
  • Build Your Career In Gift Planning


This module is perfect for the executive who understands that planned giving is a people business. It’s a compelling, donor-centered toolkit with an “Outcomes-Based” guiding principle.

It gives you the tools and steps to allow you to proactively talk to the right prospects in language they both want to hear and understand so that they make a planned gift. Use these effectively along with some of our other tools, and over time it will help you become a professional gift planner.

Planned gifts do not happen by themselves. You must be proactive.


All the guidance and forms you need for:

  • Developing a Name, Brand and Story
  • Identifying Prospects
  • Creating Wills, Retirement Plans, Life Insurance Designations
  • Understanding Generational Cohorts
  • Significant Events and Life Transitions
  • Approaching the Qualified Prospect (Step-by-Step)
  • Making the Ask
  • Developing A Legacy Society
  • Holding and Managing Events
  • What to Distribute at Events
  • Determining Membership Criteria And Benefits
  • And Much More!


Planned Giving Bible Professional Gift Planners 232x300.

Single copy of The Planned Giving Bible™

Ultimate Quick Reference Planned Giving Pocket Guide

3 Pocket Guides

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