Self Improvement

Time Is Precious. Waste it Wisely.
Add Hours Back Into Your Week
By: Rebecca Langley

If your idea of increasing productivity is petitioning the universe to add a few hours to the day, take heart. There are less cosmically improbable ways. Let’s glance at how technology can work in your favor and add hours back into your week.

Goal plan action. You can always prepare but action is critical.
Prepare and Achieve
By: Viken Mikaelian

You know that feeling of spinning your wheels? That feeling you get when you are burning through time and exhausting yourself yet having little to show for it in the end? Preparation is critical, but what gives you bragging rights at the end of the day is the action you take

Average Person Depicted with Humor
Better Than Average
By: Viken Mikaelian

Do you wish to be better than average in your career and in your life? If you do, then you need to behave in a better than average fashion. It’s an obvious statement, but an endless number of people belie this sound reasoning.

What Are You Thankful For?
By: Karen Martin

Our clients are some of the most successful, creative people in the planned giving community. We asked them what they’re grateful for, and here’s what they said. (Feel free to steal their ideas at your family feast on Thanksgiving.)

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