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People Need People
By: Viken Mikaelian

“I wonder how many churches and charitable organizations realize that community is one of the greatest gifts they have to offer … and these things are so valuable that people are willing to make their resources available to sustain them. Fundraising must always aim to create new, lasting relationships.”

humorous image of fundraiser panicking over declining gift annuity rates
Leave CGA Rate News for Wall Street
By: Viken Mikaelian

If you’re advertising that annuity rates are about to go down, you’re essentially shouting “Come and get it before it’s too late!” That makes you sound like you’re Kmart, running a Blue Light Special.

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The Gift of Attention
By: Viken Mikaelian

I called a longtime friend of mine and asked him out for coffee, and he said, in a very somber tone, “I’m so busy. I am so busy, I have so much going on.” This “busyness” is turning into an epidemic. Even children are now contracting this illness and developing anxiety in school.

404 Blog Post
I Just Found My 404!
By: Viken Mikaelian

Ever search the Web and — just when you think you’ve finally found what you wanted — you click a link, only to get the dreaded message: 404 Page Not…

Turning mistakes into opportunities
Given Lemonade? Just Add Sugar.
By: Viken Mikaelian

I recall one afternoon when the entire staff from the development office was running around like chickens with their heads cut off, screaming at everyone because a donor’s name was misspelled on the roster. Did the donor care?

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