Viken and Einstein Go Head to Head
By: Viken Mikaelian

It’s true. Planned gifts can get complicated. That’s why we have professionals like Meredith Sossman, JD, Camilyn Leone, Esq., and Scott Janney on our team. And it’s a very good…

Thanks, but no thanks.
By: Viken Mikaelian

Legacy society member brings girlfriend to all organization events. She also attends events without him. She puts off other members by over-imbibing and being more outspoken than Whoopie Goldberg.

The Goldilocks Rule
By: Mike Handrick

Nonprofit board members who serve on their investment advisory committees have a dual fiduciary role to perform: 1) They must protect the intent of the donor and the long-term viability of their organization; and 2) They have to manage endowment assets to provide a reasonable amount of income to support the causes that the funds are earmarked for.  

Estate Planning for Women
Estate Planning for Women
By: Viken Mikaelian

Women hold a large percentage of this nation’s wealth, yet most don’t have an estate plan. Show those who care about your mission the value of estate planning, and they’ll be encouraged to include a charitable gift to you. Simple … donor and attorney friendly … and to the point.

The Bridge Built With a Kite
A Kite Starts First Suspension Bridge
By: Viken Mikaelian

It’s true — a kid with a kite! There’s a lesson that fundraisers can learn from the history of Niagara Falls — specifically, about a suspension bridge that, from 1855 to 1897, connected the United States to Canada over the roaring waters.

Gift Horse
Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth
By: Viken Mikaelian

Wouldn’t it be great if every donor simply gave cash or publicly traded stock? And, did not ask for a pledge period of greater than five years?

While most donors do fit this description, there are others who present challenges in terms of the proposed structure of their gifts.

What We Don’t Do
By: Viken Mikaelian

Companies like to boast about what they do. Apparently, many firms also like to do far more than they should. More and more in the planned giving community I see “marketing” firms promising their clients the world.

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