Secure Act Questions And Answers
By: Viken Mikaelian

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the regulations affecting the planned giving industry? What compounds the situation is how others respond to new legislation such as the SECURE Act. What do they offer you? Subject matter genius attorneys who are super brilliant with tax laws.

$50,000 Bequest. Panned giving is for the rest of us.
All You Need is Love
By: Viken Mikaelian

Extreme achievers (musicians, actors, artists, entrepreneurs, athletes …) have a dark side we don’t often hear about, and sometimes don’t want to hear about. John Lennon was one of them.

Planned Giving Newslet - More Effective than a Newsletter
The Planned Giving Newslet™
By: Viken Mikaelian

Unlike the traditional planned giving newsletter that is challenging to implement, the Newslet addresses your need to deliver your message in an affordable and expeditious manner.

An image of a bored guy in a chicken suit, eating a chicken sandwhich. Is this your nonprofit? Are you in the vanilla zone?
The Vanilla Zone. Are You In It?
By: Viken Mikaelian

What’s the most popular food served at conferences? You guessed it. Chicken. What’s the most popular flavor of ice cream? If you said “vanilla,” kudos again. Don’t get me wrong….

Random Acts Of Kindness Does Not Work
Focus on Consistency
By: Viken Mikaelian

Random acts of kindness? Pfui. How about consistent acts of kindness. Same goes for marketing… and that’s why many nonprofits fail because a little bit of this and a little bit of that …