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CFRE Credits

Viken Mikaelian, CEO, PlannedGiving.Com

Did you know that the sessions you attended on Tuesday, October 9th were CFRE approved? Download this form, fill it out, and then report it to CFRE. Do it now before you forget!

The sessions on October 10th can not be submitted for approval.

Here’s more information at CFRE. And here’s the program booklet again for your reference.

And finally, here are some nice photos of the event.*

See you next year!

Viken Mikaelian, CEO

*Photography by Rogelio Gonzalez. Perfect for the small nonprofit as he is very affordable. King of Prussia area.

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When you’re “selling” planned gifts, you are in the people business. Leave technical details to lawyers who know the tax laws well to do the final papers. If you use an attorney for marketing and communications, you will loose the prospect.