Donor Album

Motivate Others to Give

Back in 1996, studies by Adam Corson-Finnerty at the University of Pennsylvania showed that donor testimonials motivate others to give (and even generate second-time gifts). Adam was our first client where we created the first online planned giving presence.

Today, our own research — and exhaustive studies by others, too, such as Russell James — shows this is still true.

A Donor Album is a great new way to introduce (and thank) your donors, convey their feelings, and link them to their stories on your planned giving website. And even if you do not have stories, just having the donors’ photographs and their testimonials sends a powerful message to your audience.

We can even embed video files next to your donors’ photos!

What’s Involved?

The process is as follows:

  • We’ll send you a simple sign-up form. You’ll have the option to choose between a print Donor Album or an online version, or both. Print versions make great donor visit pieces and as society luncheon handouts. Please take additional printing fees into account, or you can have them printed yourself.
  • Make sure you have permission from your donors to display their photos. Very few will say no. (Let them know that their stories will motivate others to give.)
  • If you are compiling new donor stories, use our “interview tool” (MS Word) and 25 conversation starters (PDF).
  • If you already have stories, we’ll help you pull out quotes or testimonials from those stories. Alternatively, we can provide sample quotes you can adapt. Limit: 35 words.
  • Many donors will prefer you help them with their quotes or testimonials. Offer that as an option.
  • We’ll need your organization’s logo and your contact information.
  • Limit: 10 new donors per year.
  • That’s it.

A Donor Album can also serve to be part of a Cornerstone Brochure, creating and even more elegant ways-of-giving brochure that is timeless. Such pieces are crafted specifically for sophisticated organizations aiming to attract that special donor.

A Donor Album is available as a standalone PDF that can be hosted on your planned giving website, can be emailed, or even be printed as a brochure to be distributed via US Mail or as leave-behind at Legacy Society meetings. Several choices of paper options and colors are available.