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Easy Steps to Planned Giving Marketing Failure

While you weren’t watching, the prospect pool has changed. They’re more knowledgeable, more independent, skeptical, and harder to reach and to persuade. So the best way to ensure that your marketing initiatives fail is to stick with old-fashioned methods that simply don’t work anymore

Ask any dinosaur: living in the past is a fast track to extinction. So be sure to cultivate a mindset that believes it’s still 1968. Back then, planned giving was news, and the marketing was easy. Old-fashioned thinking is just the ticket if you want your initiatives to fall flat.

For example: in 2011, your prospects are awash in planned giving material—from you, from their college, from their kid’s college, from their grandkid’s school, from the National Association to Save the National Associations. Plus, your direct mail messaging is competing with thousands of mailers from the supermarket next door, the Chevy dealer, and coupons from Val-Pak.

Under these conditions, your old faithful, four-times-a-year, place-your-name-here, boring, canned-content, mass-produced newsletters is perfect for doomed-to-failure marketing. Even if your prospects notice it, they won’t read it.

Don’t forget to remind your prospects that you can’t wait for them to die. In fact, you can ensure a relentless tone of incipient mortality by focusing on the details of your gift plans rather than the benefits. Benefits-based marketing promotes immortality, which makes it a totally ineffective way to fail. Instead, remind your prospects of their mortality at every opportunity.

If you make a point of using all the wrong tools and tactics in your marketing, you’re sure to flame out in a spectacular manner.

Have fun!

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