Empowering Thoughts

Woman Thinking Empowering Thoughts

I do not recall where I collected this information, but I just found it in the “back of my drawer.” Good motivation to start off the week.

Nothing is anything until you make it something until it becomes what you make it. And you assign it meaning. So be careful what you think about.

There is only your reality and it is personal.

What you see, plus the meaning you give it, is what you get.

Know thyself. (Socrates)

Unless you are enlightened, your life is based on problems and fear.

If one does not find a problem, it creates one.

People have a problem-based mind. It gets bored if there is not one.

If you’re not managing your mind your mind will manage you.

Conquer yourself and the universe is yours.

Big problems become small problems as you become big yourself.

Tame your mind or it will tame you. Mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master. Over 95% of population are subservient to their minds. And when the mind takes over, they do not even know it. Or perhaps it’s too late.

Place this degree after your name: WIT (Whatever It Takes)

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