Estate Planning Toolkit for the Charitably Minded

Two Versions

  • Estate Planning Guide (A simple, step-by-step booklet to estate planning.)
  • Estate Planning Guide for Women

Easy to give and easy to receive, bequests are a popular and convenient way for donors to leave a legacy.

Take the fear out of estate planning by educating your prospects how to write a will, plan a bequest, and make other long-term arrangements in a way that aligns with their interests and meets their personal goals with this simple Estate Planning Toolkit.

Over 50% of Americans Don’t Have a Will in Place

That’s your audience.

This handy Toolkit doubles as a networking tool. Use them as leave-behinds on donor visits. Give them out at Legacy Society luncheons, major donor gatherings, reunions, or board meetings. Or hand them to financial advisors to pass on to their constituents. It is a proven marketing and lead generation tool, completely branded to your organization.

Estate Planning Toolkit Includes

  • Estate Planning Guide (A simple, step-by-step booklet to estate planning.)
  • Will Starter Kit (“Begin your will before you meet with an attorney.”)

How We Developed It

  • We reviewed the products from all the other vendors. They were long and complicated. Even though we know planned giving, we felt like we were being led down a labyrinth. Imagine the poor prospect!
  • We researched the estate planning materials put out by PNC Bank, Wells Fargo, and Edward Jones.
  • We researched other estate planning tools online.
  • We concluded there was a gap in all the products. No one is producing a simple estate planning guide with an emphasis on charitable planning.
  • Our marketing writer wrote the content, an attorney reviewed it, and our graphic designer made it look attractive.
  • We combined the best of the best, kept things simple, and emphasized charitable planned gifts (after all, you’re a nonprofit not a financial planner). The result: a practical tool that doesn’t make the donor feel she’s in law school.
  • Finally, we added an Estate Planning Guide for Women (why?) to our vast library.

You may wish to adapt the language in this kit, but that’s defeating the purpose. We’ve done the work so you don’t have to. If you have any editorial changes, you can make them. To personalize it, focus on the images. But of course you can use whatever cover you wish, including your own photographs. We also have a ton of gorgeous stock photos you can use.This product is supplied as a PDF which you can forward or post on your planned giving website. We can provide competitive printing estimates if needed.

The Estate Planning Guide comes in two versions, including one for women. Here’s why.

Product Spec Sheet (PDF 1.4MB)

Estate planning book, Live Well, Leave Well.

New! A comprehensive, emotionally-driven estate planning guide. Coming soon.

Your estate planning guide is my new favorite leave-behind.

My donors love this estate planning guide. The cover makes them smile—and more importantly, makes them not afraid to open it.

I’m in love with this estate planning guide! It makes it easy for me to schedule follow-up visits with my donors, and opens doors for productive conversation topics.