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Financial Advisors – “Do You Catch the Dream?”

Tell the truth – does Charitable Planning even show up on your radar?

It should.

With Charitable Planning, you can be a facilitator for good and generate revenue at the same time.

You can:

  • Help clients make a difference in the world,
  • Develop new client relationships,
  • Market your services
  • And build your practice.

Don’t believe it? Want proof? Want to learn more?

Read “Philanthropy and the Financial Advisor,” a must-read white paper by George P. Brown, PhD., and Kevin C. Brown, of Summit Trust Company.

Directed specifically to financial advisors, this lively informational piece includes:

  • The three reasons why advisors do charitable planning
  • The four reasons they don’t
  • Secret ingredients for successful charitable planning
  • How to market the most popular planned gift
  • Quick-hit self-tests
  • Info-packed gift illustrations
  • And more…

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about an exciting and profitable field of practice that you may have been ignoring!

A good place to begin is reading up on the importance of planned giving.

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