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Forget Facebooking — Unless…

Few non-profits succeed with Facebook. Why? Because they neglect the time and effort needed to do it right.

Successful social networking requires:

  • Circular promotions from all venues
  • Constant day-to-day monitoring
  • Publications to your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn sites
  • Embracing the online social networking culture
  • Cultivating participation
  • Creating engagement activities

This is work. Even the miraculous Internet will not give you something for nothing (that’s why Viagra spammers are dying). And this is why you must approach Facebook marketing with a results-based mindset. If you can’t or won’t measure ROI, it’s not going to work.

Now, I am not opposed to social media — so hold all hate mail. But don’t Facebook due to peer pressure. Because a little bit of this and a little bit of that and hopping from this year’s hype and hoopla to the next will distract you from venues that are already getting you results.

All the followers in the world will jump on the social networking site bandwagon with little or no evaluation and waste all kinds of dollars and time. The leaders will evaluate it and execute it if they feel it serves their interests. Or, they will move on to what gets results. The real question is, are you a leader or a follower?

Social media is like any other marketing vector. It’s serious work requiring real effort. So ignore peer pressure and do it if you have commitment and resources to do it right.

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