Print Marketing & Direct Mail

Print marketing (U.S. Mail) is far more powerful than e-marketing. Here’s the chart.

With research-based marketing solutions, we help get your message through to your donors to engage, inform, and motivate them to give–raising awareness of your brand and mission.

We do it all: planning, content development, design, production and mailing.

We’ll even strategize and build an entire campaign with you including an audit and a 12-Month Planned Giving Marketing Plan.

A little known fact about us is also the volume of planned giving content we own. In fact, over $250,000 worth. Please inquire about this vast resource.

Always balance eMarketing with print. Read this this post as to why you should keep your direct mail balanced, alive and healthy.

Premium Solutions

In addition to our turnkey products, we also offer premium solutions that include donor surveys, a higher level of customized content, graphic design and a wider selection of papers to choose from, and of course, our Enterprise Solutions for larger organizations. Please inquire.

Your Team

When you partner with us, you will have a team that will watch your back. Your team will include:

  • An account / project manager
  • A personal marketing consultant
  • A copywriter
  • A graphic designer
  • An IT team that’s in-house

And of course, for marketing and legal questions you’ll have our monthly client hour with an attorney and a marketing expert  — often Viken Mikaelian, our CEO. Certain clients will also have a “content advisor” unlocking over $250,000 worth of planned giving content — from filler articles, technical articles, planned giving specification sheets (“Sell Sheets“) with charts and diagrams, technical descriptions of gift plans, and more. All clients receive a complimentary subscription to GIVING TOMORROW™ Magazine.

Product  and Services Detail Sheets