IRA Rollover Landing Page

Landing Page Plus Outreach

An IRA left to heirs is taxed on a much higher rate than other assets. The video that’s included makes this very clear to your donor and suggests that the donor contributes an IRA gift to the charity and leaves other assets to heirs that are not as highly taxed.

Promoting The IRA Rollover (QCD) is now easier than ever.

A landing page is a direct response mechanism. The difference between a landing page and your web pages is that a landing page is designed for interaction and follow up. It is a highly focused, single minded linear tool with no distractions. A web page, in contrast, is hyperlinked to diverse content to provide general information.

This product comprehensively provides a landing page plus outreach that lets your donors know about the benefits of this “tax-free” planned gift.

Easy to Implement. Easy to Use. Easy on the Budget.

Important: Make sure to utilize this free internal marketing tool to convince your boss and your board. Includes letter to donor and custodian.

Toolkit Contents

  • Landing Page (Sample); includes:
  • Two direct mail letters timed for tax-advantaged timing
  • Two follow up emails to donors connecting to landing pages
  • Postcard Template: 5 creative “front” sides for 5 postcards with 1 boiler-plate back (Adobe InDesign required for editing)
  • An estate planning toolkit you can customize as an “offer”
  • A flier that can be mailed out and/or posted online
  • Analytics for the Landing Page.

Supplementary Material

  • “Canned” letter for those who request more information (one informal; one slightly technical)
  • Letter of instruction your donors can send to their IRA plan providers
  • Sample gift acknowledgement letter / Thank You


  • An IRA brochure in simple, compelling language (nice follow-up piece to send to those who request information; great leave-behind at events); printed in 4-colors

For a highly customized IRA Rollover Campaign, contact or call us at 800-490-7090.

The cover of this video can be branded with your logo. An additional fee applies.

Sample landing page

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Calculator (optional add-on for landing page)

This product does not include graphic design, printing, list management and mailing services.
All contents are copyright protected and licensed to one charity only.
Please read our copyright notice.

Watch this video. It can’t get any simpler.
Customization options available. Please inquire.