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Planned Giving Newslet™

Newslet + Landing Page

Like a booklet, a Newslet is just that — a smaller, more practical, more affordable and a more digestible stewardship piece.

Unlike the traditional planned giving newsletter that is challenging to implement, the Newslet addresses your need to deliver your message in an affordable and expeditious manner. It’s quicker and less time consuming to produce, too. Plus, its feature story leads the reader to a landing page and other areas of your planned giving website.

The germination of the Planned Giving Newslet arose from a need in our marketplace for a marketing tool that’s far easier and less time consuming to produce.

For more information on how you can benefit from this latest product, we offer a free one-on-one marketing assessment. Discover how the Newslet is the perfect replacement for the traditional newsletter.

The Newslet™. Designed for Impact.

Just like our postcards, Planned Giving Newslets make it easy to follow industry marketing norms:

  • Marketing 101: You need greater frequency to get your message through. Since Newslets are less expensive than traditional newsletters, you can now mail more often.
  • We offer several attention grabbing headlines to build readership and trust.
  • The Newslets carry a consistent theme. Each Newslet has its own sections, so the reader knows where to look.
  • The Newslets are written in simple, plain English. Perfect for the “sophisticated” donor, and easy to understand for those who are less versed about planned giving.

Anatomy of a Newslet

A Newslet can have these sections. You can omit or replace one with your own article.

  • Intro from fundraiser (we help you write the copy).
  • Donor profile section (we can pull this from your planned giving website or interview a donor for an additional fee).
  • Landing page for donor profile leading visitors to different areas on your planed giving website.
  • Information on a specific gift plan in simple plain English.
  • A column/article from our vast library.
  • Optional column (estate planning tips, humor, financial advice, etc.)
Newslet Cover