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In a noisy world, get your message heard with planned giving postcards.

  • They engage, inform, raise awareness of your brand and your mission, and motivate prospects to give.
  • Concise, streamlined, attractive: they’re a welcome, 30-second read.
  • Forget newsletters — planned giving postcards are today’s and tomorrow’s industry standard best practice.

How many should I mail a year?

We recommend at least four times a year. The more “touches” the better. Postcards do this most economically.

Who do I target?

There are acres of diamonds in your database, and we can help you find them. In short, they are your loyal donors.

Our non-profit does not employ designers or copywriters – how do we come up with effective postcards?

That’s our job. We know marketing, we know design, we know planned giving, and we know your prospects. We do it all: planning, content development, design, production – we’ll even drop the cards in the mail!

We want to send out planned giving newsletters – do you do those, too?

We can, and we’d be happy to take your money for them, but newsletters are a losing proposition.


  • A boring, 30-minute read (if read at all).
  • Go straight in the trash. In case you missed it the first time: planned giving newsletters don’t get read.
  • Require you to edit, work with a vendor and waste scarce institutional resources.
  • Are drearily written by attorneys.
  • Are serious and humorless for complete “blah.”
  • Focus on technical features that alienate your prospects.

Postcard Samples


  • Huge return on investment.
  • “Touch” your prospects more often, more effectively, more economically. And “more often” works better.
  • Are easy to produce with little demand on your time.
  • Are professionally written and designed by communications experts and checked by attorneys.
  • Are engaging, friendly and appealing.
  • Focus on the benefits to sell the “sizzle.”