Planned Giving Postcards

In a noisy world, get your message heard with planned giving postcards.

  • Postcards are highly targeted. They engage, inform, and raise awareness.
  • They are very flexible: you can direct the reader to a special landing page or a video explaining a gift plan.
  • Concise, streamlined, attractive: they’re a welcome, 30-second read.
  • Postcards are cost-effective. Which means you can get your message out more often.
  • Marketing 101: the more you mail, conversions become disproportionately higher.
  • Planned giving postcards go hand-in-hand with planned giving display ads. They reinforce the message.
  • All together, they motivate prospects to give.

Postcards sell sizzle, not the steak. One day, the right card will arrive at the right time with the right message when the prospect is in the right mood.


If you have an unlimited budget to send out multiple yearly newsletters by following industry standard rules, by all means, continue with newsletters. If you only plan to send out one to two newsletters per year, you need to consider a new product with a higher ROI, Newslets, in addition to planned giving postcards.

How many should I mail a year?

We recommend at least four times a year. The more “touches” the better. Postcards do this economically.

Who do I mail to?

There are acres of diamonds in your database, and we can help you find them. In short, they are your loyal donors.

What topics do you cover?

After a brief meeting, we’ll recommend topics. If you have any in mind, let’s discuss it.

We suggest staying away from esoteric topics such as annuity trusts, lead trusts, the generation skipping tax, etc. Donors who plan on such gift plans are well-prepared ahead of time with their advisors. Mass marketing such gift plans leaves the impression that planned gifts are only for the wealthy. When in fact, they are for the average American.

How do we come up with effective postcards?

That’s our job. We know marketing, we know design, we know planned giving, and we know your prospects. We do it all: planning, content development, design, production – we’ll even drop the cards in the mail.

Newslet Cover

Considering a Newsletter?

Traditional planned giving newsletters have a very low ROI for many reasons. However, if implemented correctly, they can be a very effective tool. Here’s the definitive guide to the planned giving newsletter, but this guide will also point out to you that there are alternatives with a higher return on Investment (ROI).

The Newslet is Your Answer.

Like a booklet, a Newslet is just that — a smaller, more practical, more affordable and a more digestible stewardship piece — a higher ROI whether you are budget conscious or not.

Postcard Samples


  • Huge return on investment.
  • “Touch” your prospects more often, more effectively, more economically. And “more often” works better.
  • Are easy to produce with little demand on your time.
  • Are professionally written and designed by communications experts and checked by attorneys.
  • Are engaging, friendly and appealing.
  • Focus on the benefits to sell the “sizzle.”