Holiday Themed Direct Mail

Did you know that Spain has 36 national holidays? Sure, its economy isn’t so hot and it has not been in history for 400 years, but, heck, 36 days off is 36 days off. In the States, we only have 10 national holidays, most of which you only know about because you get no mail.

So in true American fashion, we made up a bunch of other holidays that involve buying stuff — a.k.a., Valentine’s Day — and still don’t give anyone the day off for a siesta. But which ones are really cause for celebration?

Well, when it comes to planned giving, all of them.

So if you are ready to get creative like we always do, go ahead with one of our planned giving postcards that get your message across with clarity, brevity, passionately. And some with a sense of humor… what a novel idea in a deadly field like planned giving!

Each comes with a wide variety of choices of at least 5 taglines. From conservative to edgy.

A few of the holidays include:

  • Valentine’s Day (how can we love you unless we know…)
  • Arbor Day (plant the seeds for generations to come…)
  • Thanksgiving Day (this is obvious with way too many great choices)
  • New Years (year end giving; tax-wise critical)
  • Christmas (reserved for the religious)
  • Mothers Day (use with caution; some may not have moms)
  • Ground Hog Day (we can have fun with this)
  • Hot Sauce Day (yes, this does exist; and it’s one of our CEO’s – Viken Mikaelian’s – favorites)

Learn more about marketing planned gifts with planned giving postcards here, or just pick up the phone and call 800-490-7090. We’re fun to talk to.