Gift Annuity Campaign

A “guaranteed paycheck” for life? What’s not to like.

[Note: New rates covered in this campaign toolkit.]

Our new Gift Annuity Campaign not only gets your prospects’ attention, it also makes your job easier. It is a marketing tool designed to expand your reach to donors who love the idea of receiving a “guaranteed paycheck” for life.

Campaign Contents

  • 3 direct mail postcards connecting to a landing page
  • 3 e-Broadcasts connecting to a landing page
  • A landing page embedded with a calculator
  • A beautiful video that “tells it all” (see below)
  • A branded estate planning toolkit as an “offer” on the landing page
  • Advanced analytics
  • Gift Annuity brochure (use as leave-behind or mailing)
  • Other gift plans covered as a reminder of “easy ways to give”

Supplementary Items

  • A personalized letter and brochure explaining CGAs
  • A script to introduce and explain the basics of CGAs and how they differ from variable commercial annuities
  • A short “how-to” on the ways to finance a CGA and the benefits of each
  • A short video explaining CGAs (for donors or to train new team members)

For details and pricing, call us at 800-490-7090.

A must-read as to why you should be marketing to financial advisors.