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He Doesn't Have a Leg to Stand On

Let me tell you about this one prospect I met when I worked at an organization that preserves historic buildings. We were introduced by a mutual friend. At first the prospect wanted no part of me. He said he only gave to people, not buildings…

By nature, I’m not one to agree solely for the sake of politeness, so he and I had several “intense” discussions during our first several meetings.

Finally, during one of those discussions, I told him he “didn’t have a leg to stand on.” As soon as the words were out of my mouth, our mutual friend got a horrified look on his face and tried to get me to shut up.

Then my antagonist lifted up his pant leg, showed me his prosthetic limb, and told me that was the first thing I had said since we met upon which we could agree! Turns out he lost his left leg as a soldier during WWII.

Our mutual friend has since passed away, but the prospect went on to create 20 gift annuities over the past 14 years [to scholarships, not buildings] and become one of my best friends. Now he’s mad at me because I told him that people who set up gift annuities always live to be 100. Today, he’s 97 and has been ready to die for some time.

He affectionately tells me, “I thought that ‘live to be 100’ stuff was just BS you development officers use to close a gift!”

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