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How important are monthly revolving articles and reading rooms on your planned giving website?

Not at all… because your planned giving website is not Time Magazine and your prospects will not re-visit your planned giving pages for the “exciting planned giving news” of the day.

The next time someone tells you they’ll generate repeat traffic on your website by delivering “exciting” revolving planned giving articles in online reading rooms, stop for a reality check. To the average citizen, planned giving is boring.

Maintaining monthly “fresh and exciting” stories is simply an unnecessary expense, just as “reading rooms” are overkill. Why? A prospect will visit your website once, twice, maybe three times over just a few days, not months, and then contact you. The site will always look fresh because it is a one-time-visit and is short-lived.

If you really want added benefits, add new and exciting donor stories as often as possible. To see clients of ours who have done an exceptional job with donor stories, visit: virtualgiving.com/stories (you will get some good ideas here).

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