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How to Get More Done in a Day

I am hitting on this topic because I was recently asked, “Viken, how do you get so much done in a day?”

That’s a question I can’t help asking myself with admiration and amazement every evening!

Here are some answers:

  • I follow Ben Franklin’s advice: early to bed and early to rise.
  • I answer my cell discriminately.
  • I empower my staff so they do not have to email or call me unnecessarily.
  • I check my email 3 times a day, not every 5 minutes.
  • I reply to an email, delete it, or file it as a to-do item.  My inbox has less than 30 emails at one time.  Usually less than 5.
  • Anything that takes three minutes or less, I do immediately.
  • I delete useless endless emails such as jokes and unnecessary social stuff.
  • I do not tweet, Facebook and post on GIFT-PL as if it were my job.
  • I am not hanging out at Starbucks 3 times a day. Like everyone else, I enjoy Starbucks, however it has not become my home away from home.
  • I eat a light lunch.  I eat a lighter dinner.
  • I eliminate time vampires.
  • And, when I do happy hour, it’s at 8 PM, not 4:45. (Unless I am having fun with a client, which I like to do. )

Finally, I remain ROI-conscious, and create and update this ongoing three-tiered to-do list:

1.       Down the road
2.       Proactive and Important
3.       Urgent

I try to minimize the Urgent so I can focus on #2.  Best way to do it? I take a “thought break” into nature (it’s easy here in Valley Forge Park) with my notepad and “think.”  And yes, I shut off my cellphone.

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