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IRA Rollover Ruckus: Here We Go Again

You have the right to remain rational.

That’s easy to forget at this time of year, the silliest season. And end-of-year 2010 is shaping up as being even sillier than most.

Among the afflicted are the planned giving marketing mavens and vendors who want to make hay out of the fact that last week the House of Representatives passed the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010, which includes the Charitable IRA Rollover. The president has said he will sign it.

Conveniently, seeing as how Washington left resolving the issue until so late in the year, the Act allows individuals to complete an IRA Rollover until January 31, 2011, and still count it as a 2010 rollover.

Great, huh? But how great is it really? If you listen to the mavens and vendors, this IRA Rollover is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

As usual, we’re out-of-the-box on this issue. We don’t think that the IRA Rollover of 2010 (like last year’s model) will make much a difference to the bottom lines of many of you. Check out the survey responses from last year to see why.

Of course, we’re not ignoring it. We’re providing complimentary website material on this year’s rollover for our clients, as well as a free IRA Rollover Toolkit.

But we’re recommending that our clients – and all fundraisers – maintain their focus on consistent marketing and to remain on the “gifts anyone can make” – bequests, life insurance, appreciated “stuff” and traditional IRAs.  We’re talking over 85% of all planned gifts here!

Year-end craziness, congressional activity, and vendor hysteria come and go. Staying on course is how you really get somewhere.  And these “Order-by-Midnight-Tonight!” campaigns seem to mostly raise funds for the vendors behind them.

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