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It’s Not Over When It’s Over! Fundraisers Respond to “2013: What to Tell Your Prospects”

We hoped to reach out to the fundraising community with helpful news and analysis about the recent tax law changes, and informed opinion about what might be coming in 2013. Webinar attendees said we were exceptional, and many stayed overtime with their questions.

Though that’s not really a surprise, of course…

…not only because I was involved as Master of Ceremonies, but also because the program featured Brian Sagrestano sharing his insights into what has happened, what might happen, and what it all means to philanthropy.

By the way, we talked about some helpful materials in the Webinar, and we’ll provide links to them here:

•    Brian’s book with co-author Robert Wahlers, The Philanthropic Planning Companion (Wiley 2012)
•    Independent Sector’s article on the Pease Amendment
•    IRS Form 8606

And if you want a better idea of why these materials are important, and what they mean, you can access the audio/video of the webinar here.

We’re sure attendees will find the complimentary materials we provided – including our $200-value Charitable IRA Rollover Toolkit Edition 2013 and more – helpful to them in closing more and bigger planned gifts in the challenging year ahead. We plan to include similar resources in all our upcoming programs.

We’re all excited by the response we’ve received to this and we’re looking forward to holding more and better webinars in the future.

Stay tuned!

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