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“Last Chance CGA. Come and Get It!”​

Hot Charitable Gift Annuity Sale!

If you advertise that annuity rates are about to go down, you are basically shouting:

“Come and get it now before it’s too late.”

On the other hand, if you are advertising that rates are about to go up, you are basically telling potential donors:

“Wait. Now is not a good time to give.”

Several nonprofits have asked us why we do not heavily market (i.e., “push”) upcoming annuity rates (whether they are going up or down) on client planned giving websites and other marketing pieces when they broadcast to donors.

The Answer is Simple.

Your brand and mission must remain on target. Your mission is your “lovemark” — just as companies have trademarks. This is a simple marketing principle.

It Erodes Your Brand

Those that advocate marketing annuity rates erode brand equity because they focus more on timing the market versus adhering to long-term goals and reasons for being.

This is a common issue when the “marketers” are “legally minded,” but not for those who are truly brand, marketing and donor-focused. At PlannedGiving.Com we successfully circumvent “timing the market” approach because we understand what motivates donors to give.

Stay on target with your mission and remind your audience who you are, why you exist, and what you are trying to accomplish. Leave the annuity rate news for Wall Street.

Focus on giving because of the cause. Don’t be Kmart’s next Blue Light Special.

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