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That’s your team in a nutshell. And since 1998, we’ve been helping fundraisers raise more and larger gifts through effective marketing that cuts through the noise and gets the message in front of your donors.

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Amra Leckerman COO

Amra Leckerman
COO & Client Services Manager
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Olga Montano CFO

Olga Montano

Chloe Mikaelian
B&C (Barketing & Communications)
CTM (Chief Trouble Maker)
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Business Development
Gail Rodgers Customer Service Representative and Planned Giving Specilist

Gail Rodgers
Senior Planned Giving Specialist


Jennifer Brown Planned Giving

Jennifer Brown
Senior Planned Giving Specialist

Karen Martin Marketing and STory Telling at Planned Giving Tomorrow

Karen Martin
Editor, Giving Tomorrow™ Magazine
Storytelling Copywriter

William Scheller

William Scheller, MBA
Marketing & Business Strategist

Jacob Goforth Photo

Jacob Goforth
Programs and Projects Manager


Jacob Goforth is in charge of Operations Services at PlannedGiving.Com. “I really enjoy the structure of marketing for planned giving, and using my technical and organizational skills to help put our planned giving specialists in the best position possible to help our clients,” he says.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Jacob received a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from the University of Alabama, and also attended the Temple University Film School Master’s program in Philadelphia, Pa.

Jacob moved to Chester County, Pa., in 2004, where he faced two challenges that are not usually an issue in Texas: snowy weather, and the rabid rivalry that exists between fans of the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys.

A fitness enthusiast who loves to stay in shape, Jacob was a member of the University of Alabama’s Wheelchair Basketball team, and also played with the U.S. Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball Team when they won the gold medal against Australia in 2007. “I was drawn to wheelchair basketball through a rehabilitation counselor in Texas, where my love really began for the game and perfecting my craft,” he says.

In his free time, Jacob likes putting his film school skills to work. “I really enjoy films of all sorts and using my film training to make short films,” he says. “My love of film and movies started at a very young age, when I would marvel at the technical aspects of making a film, and enjoyed researching different film techniques. For example, seeing how different lighting changes a scene, or how editing can change the emotion on an actor’s face.”

Jacob also enjoys cookouts, get-togethers with extended family at the beach, and playing video games online with friends from all over the world.

Patrick O’Donnell
Storytelling Copywriter

Michael Henry

Michael Henry
VP, Business Strategy
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Mike has worked with a diverse mix of nonprofits throughout his career. Originally from the Philadelphia area, his career began in Washington, D.C., where he helped nonprofits grow their donor base. After moving back to the Delaware Valley, Mike worked with educational institutions to identify major donors and build diverse boards. As a consultant with Graham-Pelton, he worked with nonprofits to tackle obstacles and improve overall departmental function. Mike believes in an empathetic approach to client relationship-building and problem solving.

After his daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, he experienced firsthand the importance of empathy in all aspects of nonprofit work. That experience helps drive his desire to help nonprofits understand the importance of their work in the lives of their constituents.

When he’s not working, Mike enjoys spending time with his family, writing, and taking photos. In their spare time, both Mike and his wife are committed to helping various pediatric cancer nonprofits fundraise throughout the year.

Mike is a graduate of Archmere Academy in Claymont, DE, and holds a degree in Corporate Communications from Penn State. He sits on the board of the Haverford Township Adult School, which offers affordable educational classes to older adults in Delaware County. He lives in Media, Pennsylvania with his wife and young son.

Advisory Board

Meredith Sossman, Esq., CFRE
Legal Oversight

Camilyn Leone, Esq., works closely with Viken Mikaelian at PlannedGiving.Com

Camilyn Leone, JD, CFRE
Legal Oversight

Brian Sagrestano works closely with Viken Mikaelian at PlannedGiving.Com

Brian M. Sagrestano, JD, CFRE
Legal Oversight

Paul Yeghiayan, CFRE
Strategic Consultant

Dr. Scott Janney is a consultant to PlannedGiving.Com and works closely with Viken Mikaelian

Dr. Scott Janney, CFRE
Strategic Consultant

Chase Magnuson
Consultant, Gifts of Real Estate

Marketing and Communications

Laura Sweimler
Creative Director


In addition to a passion for all things artistic and a keen sense for aesthetics, Laura Sweimler, our Creative Director, has 19 years of experience in the field of graphic design. “My job is such a pleasure. Knowing that my work is part of what enables our clients to achieve such great things and help so many people really motivates me to strive for excellence to help our clients make a difference in the world. And I get to do what I love all day every day!

Born in Reading, PA, Laura earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Communication Design from Kuztown University. She was invited and inducted into the International Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa while earning an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science where she graduated with high honors.

Laura is a lifelong vegetarian and health enthusiast with a passion for dance and kickboxing workouts. An avid horror movie fan since an early age, Laura enjoys both the classic and modern takes on the genre. “I began watching horror movies far younger than I should have. But I became hooked and have loved them since my first scare while peeping out from under a blanket!”

Charity is in Laura’s heart. She has been involved in voluntary work since a teenager, where she spent her weekends and summers volunteering as a counselor at a camp for mentally and physically challenged people of all ages. She has also coordinated fundraising activities for charities such as the Susan G Komen Foundation and establishments like the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Laura is an illustrator and photographer. When relaxing, Laura can also quite often be found with a paintbrush in hand expressing her creativity on canvas—almost always under the watchful eye of her feline BFF, The Count.

Bridgid Nelson Graphic Designer at PlannedGiving.Com

Brigid Cabry Nelson
Graphic Design

Website Development and IT
DJ Angeloni IT and Marketing Department

DJ Angeloni
Corporate and Client Website Development

Chris Breimhurst IT and Customer Service

Chris Breimhurst
Client Website Development