CARES Act: Unique Opportunity to Connect With Donors

Giving Under the CARES Act

The CARES Act presents opportunities for proactive fundraisers. Read our summary on how the Act expands tax deductions for charitable giving.

In brief:

  • New Gifting Opportunity for Non-Itemizers
  • “Unlimited” Deduction for Cash Gifts
  • Relief from Minimum Distribution Requirement
  • “Charitable IRA” Rules Unchanged (although Required Minimum Distribution is now at 72)

We’ve created two donor-centric tools you can implement today to get the word out to your donors and your prospects:

  1. A benefits-based planned giving postcard that gets mailed
  2. An eBroadcast (designed and coded)

Each can be used on its own, or used together as a mini-campaign.

Remember, you should always be marketing, especially now when most organizations are at a standstill. It’s your opportunity to distance yourself ahead of other nonprofits when things return back to normal.

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