Nonprofit Fun Facts and Tidbits

Fun facts about nonprofits, general giving and gift planning.

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  • The nonprofit sector contributed nearly 900 billion to the U.S. Economy last year. This number is about 5 percent of the gross domestic product.
  • Only 35% of registered nonprofits file forms 990, 990-EZ or Form 990-PF with the IRS. This leaves many unnoticed.
  • Over 25% of the U.S. population volunteered in 2014.
  • Public charities are the largest category of 30 types of nonprofits. Their numbers grew to 950,000 different organizations ranging from arts, culture, education, healthcare and the largest group human service organizations. There is competition there!

  • Only 5.3% of public charities are 10 million or more in size.
  • About 60% of nonprofits do not have a major gifts strategy. And most do not have a planned giving strategy.
  • Most donors do not give for tax benefits. They give to causes they like. But more importantly, they give through people they like. That’s you!
  • The future for philanthropy is bright. According to a new Giving USA report, people are giving more this year.
  • Disproportionate heavy giving happens in December, especially in the last 5 days.
  • An average planned gifts is nearly 200 times a donor’s largest annual gift.
  • Nearly 50% of charities total revenue comes via fees for services and goods while charitable giving accounted for 13%.
  • Religion and education got nearly 50% of all contributions in 2014.
  • Nearly 10% of cash donations come from mobile devices.

  • The open rate for nonprofit emails is about 15% and 17%. Click-through rates have fallen across the board, however.
  • U.S. Mail is still more popular.
  • Bequests make up over 90% of all planned gifts. They are easy to market, give, and receive. It’s a gift that costs nothing during donor’s lifetime. Market it as such!
  • Most Americans do not know the term “bequest”. Use: “a gift through your will.” Again, a bequest is the most popular gift.
  • Those fundraisers (that’s you!) who even “dabble” in planned giving earn 50% to 100% more than those who do not.
  • By the time someone is 65, chances of them leaving you in their will decreases to 12%.
  • You won’t get the gift unless you ask!

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