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Introducing PG Broadcasts, the e-broadcasting platform that’s specifically designed to meet the specialized needs of today’s nonprofit and advocacy organizations. Most online marketing solutions market their services to organizations of all sizes, but fail to live up to their claims — especially when it comes to charitable organizations. But PG Broadcasts has a clear advantage: It was created to handle nonprofits’ more complex automation campaigns, such as lists built via petitions, third-party opt-in promos, and new subscriber acquisition programs. And when it comes to tasks such as prospecting/acquisition campaigns, or complex marketing automation needs, the other marketing solutions simply cannot keep pace.

Just take a look at some of PG Broadcast’s exceptional features:

  • Each e-broadcast sticks to one topic. It’s more likely to be read and remembered, and less likely to be deleted.
  • Friendly content. No tax news or Washington updates like other vendors’, no articles on senior living.
  • Campaign landing pages.
  • Segmentation.
  • A/B split testing and experiments.
  • Contact management and merge fields to completely personalize.
  • List building tools.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Facebook and Social Media integration.
  • Complete metrics/analytics:
    • Open rates — real time tracking
    • Who opened — real time tracking
    • Click through rates — real time tracking
    • How many pages the prospect visited on your website (link tracking) — real time tracking
    • What parts of the nation the visitors were from — real time tracking
    • Complaints (yes, you want to hear these too!) — real time tracking
    • Spam notices (yes, it will happen, whether you want it or not) — real time tracking
    • Contact management and list building tools

Marketing campaigns that used direct mail and 1 or more digital media experienced 118% lift in response rate compared to using direct mail only.

(Some advice: Do not use eMarketing alone as it should only be a supplement to direct mail. Studies show that US Mail still outperfoms eMarketing. This funny cartoon will get the point across.)

We suggest 4 to 12 e-broadcasts a year. We also suggest an electronic survey of your donors.

Using Constant Contact or MailChimp for eBroadcasts?

Learn why you could be throwing your money away, and worse — ruining your online reputation and ranking.

PG eBroadcasts Specializes in Nonprofit and Advocacy Organizations

Most online marketing solutions, such as Constant Contact or MailChimp, market their services to organizations of all sizes. But when it comes to actual use cases, PG eBroadcasts has a clear advantage: It utilizes a marketing automation tool with a view to the specialized needs of nonprofit and advocacy organizations.

For example, Constant Contact explicitly states that it is designed to serve “small businesses and nonprofits.” It also refers to its service as “email automation.” Yet it is used primarily as an email marketing tool for corporations or organizations with exceptional list hygiene, strong organic opt-in growth, low spam complaints, and newsletter/info type content. When it comes to tasks such as prospecting/acquisition campaigns, or complex marketing automation needs, Constant Contact and the other marketing solutions that make similar claims are simply not suited for the job.

Finally, Constant Contact’s scalability is very limited and does not perform well under the stress of high volume — especially in terms of deliverability. It lacks the segmentation, list management, and API functionality that you will get with an enterprise tool like PG eBroadcasts.

Constant Contact is designed for mass appeal. An invitation to that frat party. Family reunion. Specials on pizza. A memo to your local Scouting group. Despite Constant Contact’s claims, it is our opinion that it is not a professional platform suitable for commercial or nonprofit use. If you want to promote your organization to your members, you need a more robust platform. A class-act platform with professional features.

You’ve looked at your open rates. That’s good. But have you looked at your deliverability?

PG eBroadcasts integrates unique records called DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) directly into your domain, which acts as validation to receiving email inboxes that you’re not a spammer. This allows you to send directly to your recipient without relying on the limited performance of MailChimp and Constant Contact’s software. Furthermore, you no longer have to depend on their deliverability  — with these unique DKIM records, you can create your own deliverability plan.

Most platforms in the marketplace today are a software service, designed to be exceptionally user-friendly for a unique type of sender. Unlike our platform, they are not designed to handle more complex automation campaigns, especially lists built via petitions, third-party opt-in promos, or new subscriber acquisition programs. For this reason, these client platform structures are very different. For example:

  • they will not maintain a dedicated human resource to track spam or domain blocks, complaints, or IP issues,
  • will not assign a specific account representative to examine your sending habits and strategically assist in improving inboxing,
  • you typically will not have a dedicated support representative that you can reach by phone, on demand.

We will provide you with a dedicated account representative, available anytime

Marketplace platforms are often a less expensive option because they focus on small-business customers and groups that have very specific, but limited, needs. Their interface is extremely simple and easy to use. Most of their customers sign up and onboard entirely on their own, and do not engage with an assigned account or support representative.

But then, you get what you pay for.

PG Broadcasts substantially helps improve your sending reputation with domains and ISPs that were previously limiting or blocking your content altogether (especially Yahoo, Google and AOL). These are the email accounts most of your donors are using. PG Broadcasts is your best solution when dealing with commercially available platforms that consider your content as spam because it does not meet their standards — it’s very much like cost-averaging.

There is a reason that most nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups, and political organizations do not use Constant Contact or similar platforms: They are simply not designed to serve them.

PG eBroadcasts is.