Planned Giving Brochure for Churches

It’s Time to Educate Your Parish About Planned Gifts

You can use this flyer-like brochure to do so


Churches and pastors in the United States have long struggled when talking about money and fundraising. They have been even more tongue-tied about endowments and planned giving.

The United States may consider itself the most religious Western nation, yet its churches rank near the bottom of US charities in soliciting and closing major and planned gifts.

At a time when secular nonprofits are realizing the need to build their endowments, churches are still asking for operating support only.

Therefore, contributions take the form of small cash donations put in the collection plate.

Why? Because only 5% of this nation’s wealth is in cash while the rest is in assets. Your parishioners can’t put gifts of stock, real estate or life insurance in the collection basket — but they can make those gifts to your mission through simple planned gifts.

Planned gifts are significantly larger than annual gifts: The typical completed planned gift is 200-300 times the size of a donor’s largest annual gift. And best of all, planned gifts do not affect a donors cash flow during lifetime.

It’s time to change how church leaders think. Begin by having this friendly “flyer” at your front desk.

  • Written in simple, plain English
  • Professionally designed
  • Covers planned gifts “anyone can make”
  • Full-color; customized for your church
  • 16 x 9, folded to 4 x 9 and fits into a #10 envelope
  • Features and pricing

Frequent questions and answers on planned giving and the church that you should share with your board and finance team.