Planned Giving in a Box™

"This tool will transform your career in gift planning. Period."

Scott Janney, PhD, CFRE

Over 2000 hours have been invested into development of this product.

(Lawyers, estate planners, graphic designers, marketing experts)

Planned Giving in a Box

What It’s For

  • Beginning a new planned giving program.
  • Strengthening an existing program.
  • Putting the “house in order.”

It is an indispensable tool for any shop that does not administer life income and complex gifts.

Planned Giving in a Box® contains everything an organization needs to implement a basic planned giving program: Tips and tricks; step-by-step instructions; professional advice; customizable forms; marketing materials; artwork templates, thank you letters and much more.

The Box is a turnkey product that’s designed to help any organization grow. It provides clarity and purpose to strengthen relationships and outcomes.

Who It’s For

Planned Giving in a Box® is perfect for the shop trying to raise planned gifts on a tight budget. You can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars to write, edit, and plan from scratch — so we’ve done it all for you… including artwork templates in Adobe InDesign.

As you implement The Box, not only will it be good for the organization you are helping, but it will be an education in itself! (So this means it will help your career, too.)

Take this short “exam” to see how ready you are for planned giving.

All the smarts you need “in a box”: Developed by two former Ivy Leaguers, a UVA Law Professor of Philanthropy, and a fundraiser who has raised millions.

What’s In the Box

[New. The Box now includes our Estate Planning Toolkit and Gift Plan “Sell” Sheets.]

We have broken The Box down into three, easy-to-implement modules:

How to Purchase

All modules can be purchased together or separately. Or, purchase Back-Office Operations & Stewardship as a bundle.

Module 1
Marketing and Outreach
Front-End Tools to Bring in Gifts
Module II
Back-Office Operations
Get Your House in Order
Module III
Building Donor Relationships
Identify, Cultivate, Maintain
Important Note: You are entitled to any improvements and additions to Planned Giving in a Box within 12 months of purchase.

The above PDF has the list of all the forms, tools and marketing outreach you will need to formalize your planned giving program.
Two ways to implement The Box. Arrange a call with a senior planned giving specialist.
Are you a consultant? See how The Box can help your practice.

 Not “ready” for The Box? Get in the game with zero effort, relatively at no cost.

Why do many planned giving programs fail to produce results?
Because organizations jump directly to complex gift vehicles without putting their own house in order.
It is a crucial and easily-overlooked step that helps ensure long-term success.
Viken Mikaelian, CEO/PlannedGiving.Com • Brian Sagrestano, JD, CFRE • Meredith Sossman, Esq, CFRE • Camilyn Leone, JD, CFRE

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