Beneficiary Designations Website

A highly donor-centric and overly-simplified planned giving website for the gift planning shop that wants to keep things simple.

Ridiculously Affordable. Minor Limitations.

Our Beneficiary Designations Toolkit comes with a planned giving website with a two (2) years’ license. It is extremely (more like “ridiculously”) affordable and is “built” that way. This product:

  • Covers all gifts that are “easy to give and to receive”. These include your standard gift plans that are universal and come under federal law. Tax law updates? Leave that up to us.
  • Is a completely branded planned giving website. It is customized with your name and identity throughout.
  • Contains two, fully editable pages. I.E., Your own copy, your own photos (or stock), “your almost” anything.
  • Is always current with new tax-laws.
  • Simply can’t be beat for the price, use, effectiveness and value.

“The Minor Limitations.”

Because of its design there are a couple technical considerations:

  • To bring forth such an affordable product, we must use a Content Management System. This enables us to make universal tax-law changes and updates on the fly. This critical feature limits individualized editorial requests to these tax-law pages. (If we honored such requests, they will affect all clients.)
  • Any requests to deliver this website in an I-frame will be declined. Why? At this price, it is technically impossible to alter its delivery structure (it’s like asking your car dealer to add an extra cylinder to a car you plan to purchase!).
  • Most editorial requests made by clients are usually “how about this” and “how about that” issues regarding tax laws. Remember, this website is your conversation starter with prospects. If we covered all of the “how abouts” we’d be similar to other vendors who practically build a 867 page legal library online. We’re a marketing firm, not a legal, consulting or software firm.

Possible Solution.

If you really desire customization issues that are not readily available with this product, we can always bring in an IT team to accommodate your requests. These will be quoted on a per instance basis, and run $175 per hour, including meetings held, per person.

If full customization is critical for your organization, please consider upgrading to Legacy Pro Enterprise … it’s the perfect online presence for larger nonprofits, law schools and community foundations with additional requirements including life-income gifts. The Legacy Pro Enterprise even includes an optional cash donations module, searchable “funds” pages and database, and more.

Our Mission

Our goal is to develop new products, services, conduct research, develop surveys, publish white papers, and maintain being a thought leader in the nonprofit sector. Your kind understanding and respect as to why certain of our products are designed for different levels of nonprofits will help us maintain our leadership and serve you, and your peers, better into the future.