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Planned Giving Microsites

Donor Centric

No legalese.

Multi Media

Visually-minded for the other half.

Easy Setup

Turnkey. No IT required. We do it all.


Cool, professional design. Easy on seniors.


Good for donors.
Good for search engines.

Finally. A Planned Giving Website For the Smaller Shop.

A recent survey* of over 1,200 nonprofits showed that the top three reasons why most organizations do not pursue planned giving are:

  1. Lack of resources
  2. Lack of time
  3. Unsupportive leadership

Has your excuse always been #1 and #2? We just killed it. If it’s #3, we can try to help.**

A Planned Giving Website is a Good Way to Begin.

Interested in joining the ranks of successful nonprofits, peers, and even enhancing your own career? A simple planned giving website and our 8 page planned giving marketing guide and calendar are great places to start (doing half the action items in the guide won’t even cost you a dollar).

You Commitment

About 5 minutes of your time (you fill out a form and give us a photo or two). The rest of the work is on us.


The most successful organizations and gift officers already know planned giving is a critical component in their fundraising engine. They realize a planned giving program is the hallmark of an organization that’s serious about its mission — and that savvy donors expect to see planned giving options. And they understand that planned giving is, dollar-for-dollar, the simplest, most cost-effective tool in their fundraising kit.

View a Sample Website (Available April 15, 2019)

*The survey was conducted by PlannedGiving.Com, directed by Viken Mikaelian. Gail Rodgers on our team personally called over 2,000 nonprofits and interviewed 1,200 in 2016. This same survey was also informally conducted in 1989 with the same results.

** No promises, as most nonprofits are reactive instead of proactive — thus their inclination to focus only on cash gifts (which, by the way, make up only 5% of this nation’s wealth).



What you get:

  • Choice of 14 gift plans
  • Interactive gift comparison
  • Videos of each gift plan
  • Video: What is planned giving?
  • Video: IRA Rollover
  • Your logo
  • Custom banner photo
  • Your name throughout
  • Contact information
  • 7-Page Marketing Guide
  • Admission to our monthly client hour

There is a hook.

At this price, branding is limited. So unless you have a strict internal marketing watchdog, this product is the perfect tool to establish an online planned giving marketing presence for your organization.

It’s also a good way to have Google begin indexing your website to let your board, donors and the rest of the world know that you are in the planned giving business.

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