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Planned Giving Microsites

Donor Centric

No legalese.


Visually-minded for the other half.

Easy Setup

Turnkey. No IT required. We do it all.


Cool, professional design. Easy on seniors.


Good for donors.
Good for search engines.

Finally. A Planned Giving Website For the Smaller Shop.

A product designed to get you “in the game”

A recent survey* of over 1,200 nonprofits showed that the top three reasons why most organizations do not pursue planned giving are:

  1. Lack of resources
  2. Lack of time
  3. Unsupportive leadership

Have your excuses always been #1 and #2? Then we just killed them.**

A Planned Giving Website is a Good Way to Begin.

Interested in joining the ranks of successful nonprofits, peers, and even enhancing your own career? A simple planned giving website and our 8 page planned giving marketing guide and calendar are great places to start (doing half the action items in the guide won’t even cost you a dollar).

You Commitment

About 5 minutes of your time (you fill out a form and give us a photo or two). The rest of the work is on us.


The most successful organizations and gift officers already know planned giving is a critical component in their fundraising engine. They realize a planned giving program is the hallmark of an organization that’s serious about its mission — and that savvy donors expect to see planned giving options. And they understand that planned giving is, dollar-for-dollar, the simplest, most cost-effective tool in their fundraising kit.

View a Sample Website

We will be continuously changing and improving this product.

*Our team member Gail Rodgers personally called over 2,000 nonprofits and interviewed 1,200 in 2016. This same survey was also informally conducted in 1989, and the results haven’t changed since then.

**No promises, as most nonprofits are reactive instead of proactive — thus their inclination to focus only on cash gifts (which, by the way, make up only 5% of this nation’s wealth).



What you get:

  • Critical gift plans covered
  • Interactive gift comparison
  • Videos of each gift plan
  • Video: What is planned giving?
  • Video: IRA Rollover (how it works)
  • Your logo
  • Custom banner photo
  • Branded with your organization’s name
  • Contact information
  • Calendar and 7-Page Marketing Guide
  • Admission to our monthly client hour

There is a catch

At this price, customization is limited. So unless your organization has strict marketing and branding rules, this product is the perfect tool to establish an online planned giving marketing presence for your organization.

It’s also a good way to have Google begin indexing your website to let your board, donors and the rest of the world know that you are in the planned giving business.

Looking for a product with more customization options? Try this.

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"How it works."

After you purchase the product you will receive an email requesting:

  • The “formal” and “short name” (if any) of your organization.
  • One photo for the banner.
  • Your contact information; contact information of any other team members (if any; up 3 more). Photos are welcome.
  • If there are any specific gift plans you do not want us to include. (Don’t want a CRUT or a PIF? We’ll turn off the switch.)

What will the site link address (URL) be?

This will be given to you when it is done. But it will be a very simple link under plannedgiving.org (a trusted URL that we own that also helps you with SEO on Google). The link will most likely be: yourname.plannedgiving.org.

Do I get to approve the website?

Yes. But there is really not much to approve other than your photo and making sure your name is correct throughout.

This is a turnkey product and it’s designed to be quick and inexpensive.

How does the website go live?

We will forward you a URL and simple instructions which you can send to your person in charge of your website (IT, Marketing, Website Manager, etc.). It is literally a 2 minute job for him or her to connect and make your new planned giving website part of yours.

Where on our website do we link up to you?

We strongly suggest as many places as possible.  From your cash donations pages, to even from the home page as a drop down.

Here’s a nice little trick… Look for a story on your current website that benefited you or left an impact. Below that story place the copy below or some version of it appropriate to your organization:

You too can make a difference (gift, etc.) that costs nothing during your lifetime. [Link this to your new planned giving pages.]

How much customization can I do?

Very little. This is not designed to be a customizable product. It is designed to be turnkey… this is what keeps its price low.

You are limited to a banner photo, your organization’s name throughout (including a “short name” or an abbreviated name so there’s a conversational style), your team’s contact information with their photos and optional LinkedIn addresses.

If you are interested in a more customizable product that also houses much more information including interactive features, you can begin with our more advanced planned giving websites and gift planning solutions.

Can I eliminate certain gift plans?

Yes. We’re ahead of you there. Not all nonprofits wish to accept all gift plans. On your initial questionnaire you will have a checklist.

This gift planning solution is designed to get you started.

"But I really want to make some editorial changes"

The content of these pages are “infused” from a platform on central database. Revisions would be very costly, and will affect all of our other nonprofits. Editorial changes are considered by our team (two attorneys and a copywriter) if we find them an enhancement, and if they appeal to a large audience.

We offer solutions for the very small charity to organizations such as Harvard Business School and American Heart Association. Our more robust solutions have more customization options.

How long does it take to go live?

Less than a week — assuming we have all of your information.

Once you purchase this service, you will receive a link that informs you what we need.  It’s a 5 minute form, if that.

One of the items we will need is a large photo for the home page banner. If you do not have one, we can supply you with several stock photography options.

What's the "catch"? This is too good to be true.

We thought of the same thing.

But then, it is a good way to attract new clients because one day, you will grow and utilize our other services. And by the way, that’s how planned giving works … from small gifts to larger estate gifts in the future.

We’re quite glad you see it that way too.

How much work do I have to do?

This is a turnkey product. We do all the work.

Why a planned giving website?

Only 5% of this nation’s wealth is in cash. The majority is in assets. It is critical for any nonprofit to let donors know that they are in the planned giving “business.”

Having planned giving pages online is the first step.

The second step is making sure you have your basic bread-and-butter” gift planning brochures.

Can I host your content on our servers?

Our goal is to save you time and aggravation. At only $295 per year, it will cost you more (in time and money) to implement such a product yourself.  We also keep the content fresh on a regular basis, add/tweak features, announce tax law updates, improve the platform, etc.

In addition, our content is copyrighted and can only be hosted on our servers. So focus on what you do best… raising money!

Is planned giving really that important?

Planned gifts are important for a number of reasons:

  1. It shows donors and board members that your organization is legitimate. It shows long-term thinking. See this article on LinkedIn.
  2. Planned gifts are gifts “anyone can make.” Not just for the wealthy.
  3. An average planned gift is 200-300 times the size of a donor’s largest annual gift.

Can you help me with direct mail and brochures?

We offer far-above industry standard planned giving marketing solutions and collateral, such as direct mail, brochures, and estate planning toolkits, just to name a few. We also have numerous leave-behind pieces for donors and board members such as Estate Planning Guides for women, Beques brochures in Spanish, and more.

I've seen similar products cost thousands.

True. However, by eliminating extensive branding options we have made it relatively simple to implement this planned giving marketing tool. It’s designed to help you grow and we hope you stay with us as you need more robust solutions.

See this page for higher end solutions.


Click the button above and purchase it. It’s as easy as buying coffee on Amazon.

Because of it low price, we accept credit card payments only (reduces administrative costs).